LampNote gets you talking to your neighbourhood and beyond:

  • Post your important notices online
  • Share your notices via social media and email
  • Browse other people’s notices
  • Generate posters to print out & display locally.

Use LampNote to promote your messages online and on the street:

  • Publicity for campaigns
  • Tell people about lost cats & dogs
  • Sell or give away items
  • Advertise your events
  • Promote your micro-business.

LampNote helps you achieve maximum impact with your notices:

  • Target your notices to those who live or work nearby
  • Generate a PDF poster to print or email
  • Get a unique QR code to easily link people to your online notice
  • Watch our video tips for extra ideas
  • Share your LampNote notice using Facebook, Twitter or email
  • We don't hide your notices from search engines like Google
  • We don’t prevent unregistered users from seeing your notices.

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